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المقر – طهطا، سوهاج
فرع الدقى
.العنوان : 52 ش الأنصار الدقى الجيزة

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فرع شبرا
17 ابن الاثير روض الفرج – القاهرة

فرع شرم الشيخ
فيلا 34 بلوك 3 تقسيم النخيل – حى النور – شرم الشيخ

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  1. اعمال الخرسانات بكافه انواعه :
  2. اعمال التشطيبات المعماريه :
    • اعمال المبانـــى
    • اعمال بياض تخشين
    • اعمال عزل بجميع انواعه
    • اعمال الاسقف المعلقه
    • اعمال كرانيش وحليات الوجهاتG.R.C
    • اعمال تكسيات الارضيات و الحوائط :
    • سيراميك – بروسلين – باركيه – رخام – فينيل – خرسانه ممسوسه
      انترلوك – خرسانه مطبوعه – بازلت – حجر حرارى – دبش
      جميع انواع الاحجار الطبيعيه والصناعيه

    • اعمال كسوات القرميد
    • اعمال معدنيه
    • اعمال الالومنيوم
    • اعمال النجاره :
    • ابواب خشبيه – برجولات – تاسيس و تكسيات الحوائط والاسقف

    • اعمال الدهانات الداخليه
    • اعمال الصـــــحى :
    • شبكات صرف وتغذيه داخليه – شبكات تغذيه وصرف عموميه

    • اعمال الكهربــــاء :
    • تاسيس جميع انواع مخارج الكهرباء – تبوير لوحات عموميه
      اعمال محولات الكهرباء الرئيسيه

    • اعمال مكافحه الحريـــق
    • اعمال التكييـــف
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    • اعمــال حمامــات السباحه
    • اعمــال بيارات الصــرف
    • اعمــال خزانات الـــرى
    • اعمــال محطــات المعالجـه
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    • اعمــال البــلدورات
    • اعمــال الانتـرلـوك
    • اعمــال الزراعــه
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    • اعمــال الخرسانات الممسوسه
    • اعمــال بازلت الارضيات والحوائط
    • اعمــال الزلط

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وتسعى الشركة دائما فى معرفةالجديد فى اعمال البناء و التشطيبات حتى نواكب تطور هذاالمجال العملاق

نبذة عن الشركة

Modern Construction Company (MCC):
Company in brief:

The Company was founded at 1998 by Eng. Magdy Shaker Gabra. With civil registration number 5332 and Tax registration number 657-664-510.
The company’s activity: General contracting which is the design and construction of buildings and residential neighborhoods, hotels and resorts, commercial and administrative buildings, finishing works and infrastructure.
The company was founded at Suhag government and its have many Branches through Egypt:
Main Branch: El Dokki Office – 52 Al Ansar st, Dokki, Giza.
Shoubra: 17 Ibn Al Aseer st, Rawd El Farag, Cairo.
Sharm Elsheikh: villa 34 block 3, El Nikheil, El Nour District, Sharm Elsheikh.
Capital: One Million Egyptian Pounds.
The Company was registered with the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors on 21 January 2014 with membership number 49009.

رؤيتنا و رسالتنا

To be the preferred contractor of choice. A company that our customers want to work with and our employees are proud to work for.

To provide quality workmanship and customer service and maintain the highest level of professionalism, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, employees and vendors. To grow by continually providing useful and significant products, services, and solutions to markets we already serve – and to expand into new areas that build on our competencies and customer interests.

Chairman of boards

Chairman of boards:

  • Key to our success is building long term relationships. Our aim is to achieve this with our clients’ by consistently delivering exceptional results that are on time and within budget reflecting the needs of our clients and end users. This achievement to date is the result of our highly dedicated and experienced project team – our approach allows for the project team you start with to be the team that celebrates with you the successful completion of the project.
  • We have a long term vision. We are passionate about fostering a strong, sustainable and pro table growth through which every individual has an opportunity to attain quality of life. To make our vision a reality, it is our responsibility to look after our clients, end users, employees and the environment.
  • Through this site, I am a pleasure to introduce our business and history since we establish this company in 1998. Thanks to all our clients, our staff and suppliers which they help us to achieve our goals and keep success.
  • Engineer \ Magdy Shaker Gabra
    Chairman of boards